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IMPACT: Growing in Stewardship and Discipleship

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Are you ready to help your parishioners grow as stewards and disciples and share their gifts and faith with others?  If so, IMPACT is for you!

The Office of Development of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe has partnered with Catholic Life and Faith and Ms. Leisa Anslinger, stewardship author/speaker, to provide all Archdiocesan parishes with a new, exciting stewardship initiative for 2016-17 named IMPACT.

IMPACT is more than a few thoughts on stewardship. With the multiple elements of IMPACT being provided to ASF parishes throughout the year, you will have a means for ongoing formation of all your parishioners in stewardship and discipleship!

In becoming part of the inauguration of IMPACT, the Office of Development has been able to purchase a special membership which entitles every ASF parish to receive the monthly IMPACT Bulletin Insert and Leader’s Notes free of charge.

We will begin our archdiocesan membership with the June IMPACT materials.  But to give you an idea of what is coming, attached is the May IMPACT Bulletin Insert and Leader’s Notes. In addition, special parish materials will be sent the you throughout the year.

When the monthly IMPACT materials are ready for you, you will receive an e-mail from the Office of Development with a link to that month’s IMPACT materials in both English and Spanish.  If you miss the e-mail, you will also find the materials in the Stewardship section of the Office of Development website:

We look forward to hearing from you about how you are using IMPACT throughout the year to form stewards and disciples for our Christian mission!