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In this month of October, we focus on our faith. Without faith, we cannot please God. Faith is used in our everyday lives and it’s up to us to determine how we use it. Faith is a BIG thing and faith isn’t a one time use. Faith can be tested and used in ways we didn’t know. It can open doors no man can shut, and it can help us to know HIS will. WE also need to remember we can’t keep God in a box and worship him only on Sundays. We need to have God first in our lives and get him involved in our lives throughout the week. We can start our day with prayer and we can listen and see God in everything surrounding us. WE as individuals need to represent Christ and his love for all of us and use that love to bless others. Continue to live your life for the glory of God. We really need to keep our focus on God and let others see Christ in us and let God work through us. These are some of the important things upon which we focus on in Impact this month.