Ministries Supported

(Your donation is restricted to funding these ministries)

These ministries are made possible by your generous contributions to the Annual Catholic Appeal

ACA Administration 5.67%* *when incorporating the direct to parish rebates

  • Parish Rebate Processing
  • ACA Pledge and Payment Processing
  • ACA Parish Consultation and Training
  • Archdiocesan Parish Census and Data Collection

Universal Church Collections 1.41%

Pastoral Services 14.70%

  • Worship and RCIA Office
  • Office of Evangelization
  • Office of Communications
  • Ecumenical/Inter-Religious Ministry
  • Marriage Tribunal Office
  • Historical Patrimony/Archives/Museum Office
  • Pastoral Planning Ministry
  • Priest’s Council
  • Emergency Assistance to Parishes in Need

Education and Evangelization 19.28%

Clergy Education and Support 27.68%

  • Deacon Support
  • Priestly Vocations and Seminarian Theological Education Office
  • Permanent Diaconate Formation and Administration Office
  • Continuing Education for Priests/Deacons Ministry
  • Priests’ Medical Program
New Videos

Community Outreach 29.75%