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Why be a Catechist?

The Best way to learn is to teach.
The resources and materials you will be exposed to will refresh and expand knowledge of the Church. More than likely, you will discover that you learn more than you ever expected.

Your Faith will come alive.
Spending time helping others “fix their gaze of Jesus” means your gaze is turned on Him as well. You will see how being a catechist brings YOU joy!

You become an active participant in one of the essential areas of a Church community.
The laity are uniquely entrusted with the role of working in union with their priests to bring the message of faith to full bloom among diverse parish environments and beyond.

You assist in bringing CHRIST to others.
A catechist meets a person in their faith journey and walks with them.

You practice stewardship.
By donating your time and services on behalf of others, you demonstrate, in a concrete way, the importance of Christ in your life.

You show your own family that you value the faith.
Taking time out of your life to teach the faith shows your children, grandchildren, siblings and family members that you put a high priority on religious education.

You become a role model.
As a catechist, you get to be a model and trusted adult to young people in your community.

Join us at the Catechetical Leader Retreat on Saturday, September 30th

The Spanish Language TV Mass now airs on My50TV (KASY)

In an effort to reach out to our brothers and sisters whose primary language is Spanish and who are not able to attend Sunday Mass at their local parishes due to illness, age, or other issues, the Offices of Hispanic Ministry and Worship and Christian Initiation offer the transmission of the Spanish TV Mass. This mass airs every Sunday at 7:00 a.m. on My50TV (KASY) – channel 50 on regular TV or channel 12 on Comcast (check you individual TV signal provider for other channels). If you have any questions regarding the transmission of the Spanish TV Mass, call the Office of Hispanic Ministry (contacts above).

Volunteers Needed

The Office of Pastoral Outreach provides for the following ministries and needs volunteers to help in all ministries – Prison/Detention, Thresholds, Blessings of Age for Seniors, People Living with Disabilities, Veterans, Substance Abuse, and Nursing Homes.

The Pastoral Outreach Office is a liaison to St. Vincent de Paul. If you would like to volunteer for any of these ministries, please bring a letter of good standing from your Pastor, as well as a certificate of completion of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe Abuse Awareness Training for Adults to the Pastoral Outreach Office. For more information, call Josephine War at 505-831-8174.